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  • 07/ 01Membership with the Small Business Success ClubWhy are tens of thousands of smart, web-savvy entrepreneurs and business owners like you so eager to take a look inside the brand new Small Business Success Club?

    Because as one of the fastest growing sites in the United States for entrepeneurial and small business success it contains the latest videos, articles, whitepapers and case studies on how companies like yours are significantly growing customers, sales and profits DESPITE the slow economy.

    Because of our relationship with Small Business Success Club we'd like to invite you to get complimentary lifetime membership with no hidden fees and no catches. Contact a C&G Technical Group Sales Representative to access 4 Cutting-Edge Videos Every Successful Entrepreneur Should See.
  • 07/ 12Google has changed the algorithm The goal of many of Google's ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that fulfill their information needs. These changes also help the "good guys" to see their effort rewarded by making great sites for users, not just sites for the best algorithms. To that end Google has launched Panda changes that successfully returned higher-quality sites in search results. And earlier this year Google launched a page layout algorithm that reduces rankings for sites that don’t make much content available "above the fold."

    In the next few days, Google is launching an important algorithm change targeted at webspam. The change will decrease rankings for sites that Google believes are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines. They’ve always targeted webspam in Google rankings, and this new algorithm represents another improvement in their efforts to reduce webspam and promote high quality content. Google is not divulging specific signals because they don't want to give people a way to game Google search results and worsen the experience for users, Google's advice for webmasters is to focus on creating high quality sites that create a good user experience and employ white hat SEO methods instead of engaging in aggressive webspam tactics. Contact your C&G Technical Group Sales Represetative for a FREE SEO anaylsis report to see how we can make your site content work with the new Google changes.


  • Since Blogger (blogspot) isn't an actual hosting company, how can I transfer my BlogSpot site to C&G Technical Group hosting?

    There's no real way to transfer the site from Blogger to your account with us directly. However, Blogger has a feature which will allow you to migrate your content via a zipped file. They have a FAQ entry on how to accomplish it (click here).

    Additionally, as of version 2.2, WordPress supports importing directly from your blogger account: Simply install WordPress from your C&G Technical Group hosting control panel. Then in your WordPress Admin area (domain.com/wp-admin), go to Manage → Import → Blogger and follow the directions to complete the import.

  • When I purchase C&G Technical Group hosting, can I manage my on website or will your staff be able to update my site from time to time.

    When you purchase our Deluxe Hosting Package, you are given access to our Fantastico Deluxe package. Fantastico Deluxe is the leading auto installer for scripts that can be used to enhance your web site experience. With more than 10,000 installations, it provides more than one million end users the ability to quickly install dozens of the leading open source content management systems into your web space. We have a complete list of 50+ scripts such as SiteManager, Wordpress, Joomla, Mambo, Blogs, Portals/CMS, Customer Support Desks, forums, shopping carts, Image Galleries, Mailing Lists and more.

    When your busy schedule does not permit you to customize your website yourself, C&G Technical Group have affordable web maintenance packages and espert staffing to help you manage the content of your site. Click Here To Make A Purchase NOW!

  • I just lost my job and looking to start a home base business to bring in residual money to help pay my bills. How can I get started reselling your products and services.
    C&G Technical Group can help you get started as a reseller of our VPS Hosting, SEO, Dedicated Server and Merchant Services in less than 1-week. The first step is to get you setup with your reseller platform and web site using your own business logo. Second we provide you with your own business Terms of Service agreement for your potential customers to sign. The next step is to train you on how to use the main applications and marketing tools for you to sale, sale, sale. It is as easy as one, two, three. Click Here To Make A Purchase NOW!
  • I can't find the Privacy Statement on your web site. What is your policy as it relates to my privacy?
    C&G Technical Group Privacy Statement link is located at the bottom of the contact forms on each web page. You can also find links to our Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions on the bottom of our products purchase. Click Here if you would like to review our Privacy Statement. Click here to review our Terms and Conditions.
  • I was wondering if you guys do print design work. I'm looking for someone to design a nice flyer for my upcoming event.
    C&G Technical Group can assist you with designing your logo, flyer, business card, post cards, letterhead, bill board sign and many other printable document layouts. You can view samples of some of the work we've done for our cusotomers by clicking the following link. (view sample work.)